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Yesterday : Walter RÖHRL / Christian GEISTDÖRFER - New Zealand Rally 1984


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For those who always wondered what the designation A2 meant: For 1983, Audi homologated a new and lighter aluminium engine which was named as the A1 (the A standing for aluminium). While the cylinder capacity stayed at 2144 cc for the A1, it was reduced to 2109 cc for the Quattro A2 which was homologated on May 1st, 1983. The reduction in cylinder capacity meant that - after applying the turbo coefficient of 1.4 - the Quattro now had a nominal capacity of 2952 cc and thus could run with a weight of less than 1000 kg.

Walter Röhrl was leading the 1984 Rally of New Zealand when his Audi Quattro A2 had to retire due to electrical problems. But for some strange reason the car was running nicely again after its return to Ingolstadt and all problems seemed to have cured themselves.

It took Jürgen Reeb two years (2011 to 2013) to build this Audi Quattro A2 rally car. After the restoration, it was displayed on several events in Europe and also used on the 2013 edition of the Deutschland Classic. He's a regular at the Eifel Rally Festival. This year he will participate for the second time in the Alsace Rallye Festival.



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